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All Services includes shampoo and blow drying of the hair. Only added on cost is de-tangling. 
For Example: If you recently took down braids or protective style and have not combed out hair.

Please be considerate of the people who have appointments after you and do your best to arrive on time.
The maximum grace period for appointments is 15 minutes. Anything after, must be rescheduled.

All deposits are NON-Refundable. Please cancel appointment within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time. Another deposit will be assessed at the time of booking.

Please notify me 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time to be able to use existing deposit towards a new appointment. New appointment can be made within 2 weeks of your original appointment. Anything rescheduled outside of the 2 week period will require a new deposit. If your appointment is not cancelled within 24 hours, a new deposit is required.


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